Create Procedures

There are more than 30+ supported dental procedures in different categories such as Prophy/Aesthetic, Therapy, Dentures, Surgery, and Ortho.
You can configure your own price list by using the following link Configure Price List.

Starting with procedures:

Starting with procedures means that you select a procedure first, and then apply it to teeth.
Click on the procedures item from the list, for example, Prophy/Aesthetic - Fluoride.
Dentaltap - Procedures Focused
  • Click on the required teeth to apply this procedure, for example, 14 and 13. This will automatically draw it on the dental chart;
  • You can click again on the same tooth to remove this procedure.
Dentaltap - Apply Procedures
You can add multiple procedures, for example, once you added all Fluoride procedures, you can select another procedure item and continue.
Click on the Save Changes button at the top to save all of your added procedures.
Dentaltap - Add Procedure Focused
Once you saved your procedures, click on the Add Procedures button in the procedures list. So you will be able to specify exact fees from your price list, that are related to this procedure.

Starting with teeth:

Starting with teeth means that you select teeth/roots/surfaces, and then click on the required procedure button.
Select the required teeth and surfaces, for example, 25 and 26 MOD.
Dentaltap - Chart Selection
  • Click on the required procedure to apply for the selected teeth, for example, Therapy > Restoration > Permanent;
  • In the opened window, select one or multiple fees from your price list, and click on the Create Procedures button;
Dentaltap - Select Procedures

Optional fields:

  • Procedures/Presets - you can select from your price list, or from configured presets of procedures. To configure presets, use the following link Configure Procedures Presets;
  • Permanent/Temporary - this is an additional set, available for some procedures, for example, restoration;
  • Assigned Appointment;
  • Assigned To - assigned provider;
  • Default Fee - you can choose the fee schedule applied for the selected procedures. To configure a fee schedule open the following link Configure Fee Schedule;
  • Selected teeth - select teeth, applied for the selected procedure.

Edit/Delete Procedures

Once you added diagnoses, you will see them in the table under the Dental Chart - All procedures, Existing, Planned, or Completed, depending on the status.
Dentaltap - Procedures Table

Procedures Actions:

  • New Invoice - create a new invoice for the selected procedure;
  • Appointment - assign selected procedures with the patient appointment, or reassign them to another appointment;
  • Status - change a status for the selected procedures - Planned, Existing, or Completed;
  • Teeth - change assigned teeth for the selected procedures;
  • Provider - change assigned user for the selected procedures;
  • Delete - delete selected procedures from Dental Chart. Note: If procedures were billed already, you need to cancel an invoice first, before you delete procedures