Basic Workflow

This tutorial covers basics from creating new patient record to collecting payments

1. New patient

  • Create a new patient record by click-and-drag or just click on empty Calendar cells or open the Patients page and click on the New Patient button

  • Fill out the patient details - Full Name, Phone, and Birthday

  • Click on the Save button

  • If you choose to create a new patient from the calendar, the appointment record will be added as well

2. New appointment

  • Open the patient profile that you just created by clicking on it

  • Click on the New Visit button at the top

Patient profile header
  • In the opened Calendar page you will see a notification at the top Select a calendar slot to confirm an appointment for...

  • Click-and-drag on empty calendar cells to create a new appointment for this patient

  • In the opened window you can add or change more appointment details such as Provider, Note, Room etc, and the patient info will be pre-filled here

  • Click on the Save button to create an appointment

  • If you create a new appointment from the calendar, then follow the steps above, starts from click-and-drag on empty calendar cells. In the opened window, choose a patient record from your existing records

3. New procedures

  • Open the patient profile from the calendar or patients list

  • Navigate to the Procedures tab

  • Select one or more teeth or surfaces to apply a new treatment

Dentaltap Dental Charting
  • At the top bar, choose a procedure category for your selected teeth or surfaces

  • In the beginning, your selected procedures list is empty. Click on the procedures from your price list to add them to the selected procedures.

  • You can also adjust the quantity and price.

  • By default, only procedures from the selected category are available (for example, Restoration). But you can use Search for procedures... input to select procedures from any other categories by name or code

  • Click on the Add Procedures button to save

4. Complete procedures

After you added the procedures, you can see them below the dental chart

  • Select one or more procedures to complete

  • Click on the Status button at the top bar

  • Select one of the statuses - Existing, Completed or Planned

5. New Invoice

  • Select one or more procedures

  • Click on the Invoice button at the top bar

  • Optionally, add the Invoice Code, Due Date, Discount, and Tax

  • Click on the Create Invoice button

6. Make a payment

  • Navigate from the Procedures to the Billing tab under the patient profile

  • You will see all patient invoices and their status - paid or unpaid

Dentaltap Patient Invoies
  • Click on the invoice to open it

  • Click on the Pay Remained button

  • Enter the Payment Type, Amount, optionally add tags

  • Click on the Add Payment button to confirm