Diagnoses (ICD-10)

Create Diagnoses

You can add several predefined diagnoses such as Missing Tooth, Impacted, Caries, Pulpits, Abscess, etc, or select from all ICD-10 Dental Codes.

Starting with diagnoses:

Starting with diagnoses means that you select a diagnosis first, and then apply it to teeth.
Click on the diagnoses item from the list, for example, Impacted.
Dentaltap - Diagnoses Focused
  • Click on the required teeth to apply this diagnosis, for example, 16 and 15. This will automatically draw it on the dental chart;
  • You can click again on the same tooth to remove this diagnosis.
Dentaltap - Apply Diagnoses
You can add multiple diagnoses, for example, once you added all Impacted teeth, you can select another diagnoses item and continue.
Click on the Save Changes button at the top to save all of your added diagnoses.

Starting with teeth:

Starting with teeth means that you select teeth/roots/surfaces, and then click on the required diagnosis button.
Select the required teeth and surfaces, for example, 16 and 17 MOD.
Dentaltap - Chart Selection
  • Click on the required diagnosis to apply for the selected teeth, for example, Caries > Stage 2.
Dentaltap - Chart Diagnoses
Click on the Save Changes button at the top to save all of your added diagnoses.

Create Other Diagnoses

You can add other ICD-10 codes by clicking on the All Diagnoses button. In the opened window, select one or multiple diagnoses, and click on the Create Diagnoses button.
Dentaltap - All Diagnoses

Optional fields:

  • Assigned appointment;
  • Assigned teeth.

Edit/Delete Diagnoses

Once you added diagnoses, you will see them in the table under the Dental Chart
Dentaltap - Diagnoses Table

Diagnoses Actions:

  • Add Procedures - will create procedures that are linked with the selected diagnoses (selected teeth;
  • Appointment - assign selected diagnoses with the patient appointment, or reassign them to another appointment;
  • Status - pending or resolved, use resolve when the diagnosis treated, after resolving diagnosis, it will disappear from the Dental Chart;
  • Delete - delete selected diagnoses from Dental Chart.