Create appointment

To create a new appointment, click and drag or just click on the empty calendar slot. In the opened window fill out the details and several additional options:
    Include preparation - select this option if you need to prepare a room before or after the patient appointment.
    Together With - assign additional provider with this appointment, for example, an additional dentist for a consultation
    You can save additional notes as templates and use them later. It can be a treatment that needs to be done, or common appointment reasons, for example, consultation.
Click on the Save button to create this appointment

Appointment details

Once you added an appointment, you can click on it to open the details
    Set status - will be visible in calendar as an icon. If you choose the status as Checked-in, you will be able to record the exact start/end time of the patient appointment.
    Change date - click on it to change the appointment date. You will be returned to the calendar page to select a new date & time for this appointment
    Delete appointment - all associated records like procedures, invoices, notes will be unlinked
    Patient controls - basic patient details like full name, phone, debts. You can click on it to open the patient profile
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