Create Patient

To create a new patient, select the Patients menu item from the main menu, and then click on the New Patient button at the top.
Dentaltap - Patients Sidebar
In the opened window fill out the details and click on the Create Patient button to confirm.
Dentaltap - Create Patient

Open Kiosk

Click on the Open Kiosk button at the top to open this form in the self-signup version, so patients can create an account, fill out medical/dental questions, and sign consent forms by themselves (for example, they can fill it prior to dental appointment). You can send this link to your new patients.

Required fields:

  • Full Name -patient full name in any format that you need;
  • Card No - a patient medical record number, by default Card No = <Internal index of the last patient> + 1.
Optional fields:
  • Birthday - you can use the date picker widget to configure DOB by clicking on the calendar icon
  • Phone - a primary phone number for this patient;
  • Email - email address of the patient;
  • Groups - patient groups, for example, VIP patients, foreigners, black list, etc. Can be configured with the color assignment - Configure Groups;
  • Address - patient address, including 2 custom address fields, city, province, and postal (zip) code;
  • Custom info - any other custom details can be added to the patient profile, for example, a passport (id) number, car plate number, etc - Configure Custom Fields.

Update Patient

Once you create a new patient, you will be automatically redirected to the patient profile.
Dentaltap - Update Patient Profile
To update a patient profile, adjust any field from the Profile section and click on the Save Changes button at the top.

Patient Actions

There are several actions hidden under the More button at the bottom of the patient profile. Click on the More button to open the following list of actions:

Open Kiosk

This will open a kiosk form, where patients can adjust profile details, fill out the questionnaire, and sign additional consent documents. You can send this link to your patient.

Open Portal

This will open a patient portal form, where patients can log in to view their history, bills, treatments, etc. You can send this link to your patients.


To delete a patient, click on this button, and confirm your action in the following confirmation window.
Note: It's not possible to remove the patient record completely, but it can be archived, so you won't see it in the general list of patients and while searching for patient records.