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You can create patient insurance plans, and use this data when working with patient billing, and preparing claims. Insurances are located under the Family in the Patient Profile.

Create Plan

Click on the New Plan button to create insurance. In the opened window fill out the details and click on the Create Plan button to confirm.
Dentaltap - Create Insurance Form

Required fields:

  • Company Name - an insurance company name, that is configured in settings. Click on the following link to configure: Configure Insurance Companies;
  • Policy Number - a unique patient policy number.

Optional fields:

  • Valid Until - indicate when the policy becomes expired, if no expiration date - just keep this field empty;
  • Employer - a name of the employer & company for this policy;
  • Own Plan/Others - if this plan belongs to the current patient, no need to fill out additional details, otherwise, details of the policy owner can be added.

Update Insurance

Once you added insurance, you can click on it to open the details. You can modify all the appointment fields listed in the section aboveCreate Plan.

Delete Insurance

Same pattern as for other records, like Discounts, and Family.
  • Click on the More Actions button ••• next to the insurance label;
  • Click on the Delete option and confirm deletion in the opened window.