You can create discount plans for your patients, that are automatically applied to invoices, and estimates. Discounts are located under the Groups in the Patient Profile.
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Create Discount

Click on the New Discount button to create a discount. In the opened window fill out the details and click on the Create Discount button to confirm.
Dentaltap - Create Discount Form

Required fields:

  • Discount (%) - a discount percent value, from 1 to 99.

Optional fields:

  • Valid Until - discount will be automatically applied until a specific date;
  • Rules / Select Providers - discount will be applied only to specific providers;
  • Rules / Select Categories - discount will be applied only to specific price categories, for example, Consultation/Diagnostic/Restoration.

Update Discount

Once you added a discount, you can click on it to open the details. You can modify all the discount fields listed in the section above create-discounts.

Delete Discount

  • Click on the More Actions button ••• next to the discount label;
  • Click on the Delete option and confirm deletion in the opened window.
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