Perio Chart

Perio chart is the premium Dentaltap feature. You need to add your payment method first and start a subscription.

Open the Treatments tab in Patient Profile, then select a Perio Chart.

Create new Perio Exam

Perio Exams are associated with patients' appointments. Make sure that you've created at least 1 patient appointment before you start Perio Charting. Note: You can create only one perio exam for each appointment.

You can record perio params such as:

  • Furcation level (0-3)

  • Mobility (0-3)

  • Plaque

  • Bleeding

  • Gingival Margin (GM)

  • Probing Depth (PD)

A difference between Gingival Margin and Probing Depth is displayed on the Perio Chart.

You can fill GM and PD faster with the Tab button on your keyboard. Once you added value, click on the Tab button to move to the next cell.

Save Perio Exam

After you added changes to Perio Exam, click on the Save Changes button at the top or Cancel to cancel those changes and go back to the previous state