A Patient Balance widget is located at the top of the Patient Profile. You can see both Patient Balance (advance payments) and Patient Debts.
Dentaltap - Patient Balance Focus
Use the Patient Balance to control all the financial transactions. With the Balance window you can:
  • Pay debts without opening individual invoice details;
  • Replenish patient balance;
  • Withdrawal from patient balance;
  • Transfer to another patient.

View Transactions

To open the details, click on the Balance/Debts widget button.
Dentaltap - Patient Balance Details
  1. 1.
    Available patient balance by type (Cash, Card, etc).
  2. 2.
    A list of patient transactions - Invoices, Invoice Payments, Balance Transactions.
  3. 3.
    Click on the Add Transaction button to create New Transaction.
  4. 4.
    A balance column that summarizes all patients' transactions.

Create Transaction

Click on the Add Transaction button (3). In the opened window fill out the details and click on the Confirm <Type> button.
Dentaltap - Create Transaction
Required fields:
  • Transaction type - pay debts (if any), replenish, withdrawal, transfer;
  • Type - a payment type, set to Cash by default;
  • Amount - transaction amount;
  • Date/Time - date and time, when the payment was collected;
  • **Patient - When using a transaction type "transfer".
Optional fields:
  • Group - a custom tag (group) for analytics purposes, for example, if you collect payments via credit cards by several POS systems, you can specify the device id as a group. And in analytics, you will see collections for each POS separately.
Once you created a transaction, you can see it in the Payments List under the Invoice.
Dentaltap - Transaction Action Focus

Transaction Actions

  • Print - print a receipt for this transaction;
  • Delete - delete a transaction.

Update Transaction

You can't update the transaction. If you need to make any changes, you need to Delete Transaction

Delete Transaction

Open the Payment Actions list and click on the Delete option. Find the delete option in the Transaction Actions to delete a transaction.
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