You can store any kind of data in the patient profile, such as X-Rays, Intraoral Photos, CBCT scans, and any other records.

  1. Open the Patient Profile and click on the Storage menu item at the top.

  2. You can see your uploads grouped by type - All Files, Periapical/Panoramic films, Ceph, CBCT.

  3. You can search by a file name.

  4. Click on the Upload File button to upload a new file. Also, you can just drag and drop files from your computer into the upload area.

Preview Images

If you uploaded an image, you can see the thumbnail of it in the files list. Click on the image to open the details. In the opened window, you will see some image processing tools.

Image processing tools:

  • Pan (move your image around the area);

  • Zoom-in/Zoom-out;

  • Contrast/Brightness/Inversion;

  • Flip Horizontally/Flip Vertically/Rotate;

  • Measure Length/Measure Angle;

  • Add comments over the image.

Preview Documents

You can preview documents in PDF, Word, PPT, and other office-related formats. Click on the document to open the details. In the opened window, you will see the document content right away, without downloading it to your computer.

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