You can create and assign specific groups for your patients. This is useful when you working with a dedicated group of patients. As an example, a group can be the following:

  • VIP patients

  • Foreigners

  • Patients, who need sedation

  • Blacklist etc.

So it can be any group depends on your dental workflow

Create a new group and assign it with the patient record

To create a new tag, open the patient profile and find the Tags card at the left sidebar, last section

Patient Tags - Tags card
  1. Click on the Configure Tags button

  2. In the opened window, find and click on the Add Tag button

  3. Enter the name, switch the important flag, and choose an icon for your tag.

Patient Tags - Adding new tag

Note: Important tags will be displayed as icons in calendar and patients list, so you can easily associate the patient with one or another group. We recommend you to add maximum of 2-3 important tags and avoid crowding

Once you added a new tag, click on the checkbox to assign this tag to the patient record. After you selected the required checkboxes, click on the Save button.

When you unchecked some of the tags in that window, it will be excluded from the patient record. Here you can also Edit or Delete the specific tag.

Patient Tags - List of tags