Default Plan

The Default Plan contains all patient appointments with the assigned procedures. The simplest way to add new procedures is through the Default Plan.

Create new procedures or condition

  • To create new procedures, pick on one or more teeth on the Dental Chart. You will see a navigation bar at the top with procedures categories according to your price list Note: If you would like to add generic procedures that are not attached to a particular tooth, you can add them later when creating an invoice

  • You can also switch to the Status/Diagnosis tab and add a condition, for example, missing teeth

  • After you selected a procedure icon, you might see the additional options. For example, in Restoration, you can choose a Surface

  • If you want to add the existing procedure, for example, existing Restoration, then just click on the Add Existing Procedures button at the footer.

  • When you select one or more procedures, they will be added as Planned Procedures

  • After you click on the Add button, you will see those procedures under the No Appointment section. Now you can assign those procedures with the patient appointments, create an invoice, modify procedures, and delete them. Note: Make sure that you have created at least one patient appointment

  • To manage those procedures, click on them and choose an option at the top bar