Custom Treatment

You can create custom treatment plans and present them to your patients. It can be useful when you want to present multiple treatment options, for example, depends on the treatment method or materials. So your patient can choose one of those treatment options.

Create a custom plan

  • Click on the Create Plan button under the Treatments tab

  • In the opened window, enter the custom plan Name. As an example, we are going to create an Implants case.

  • Confirm this plane and click on the OK button. The new treatment plan will be created

Plan options

- Change status - Pending, Confirmed, or Rejected - Print this treatment plan - Rename - Delete Note: You can only delete a treatment plan if its Pending or Rejected. You will not be able to delete the plan when its confirmed or some of the procedures already invoiced.

Add and manage plan procedures

You can add, update, or delete procedures the same way as in the default patient plan (see the previous page). The only difference is that instead of date, you need to group procedures by stage. Stage means future patient appointments. For example, if you need 5 appointments to complete this treatment plan, then you can create 5 stages.

Confirm the treatment plan

To confirm the treatment plan change the status to Confirmed. After you confirm a treatment plan, you can assign the procedures from that treatment plan to patient appointments

Select one or more procedures, then click on the Date button at the top, and then select an appointment date. After, these procedures will be added to the Default Plan. Note: Make sure that you have created at least 1 patient appointment